Monday, 3 December 2012

The Soldier, the sea and He

I saw a soldier upon the sea he danced and frolicked and prance did he and then a man appeared to him with a crocked smile and a rotten grin, he hissed and spat and sighed and said,
‘one day my son this sea will be dead’

I passed the soldier sat upon the beach, his head was bowed and his eyes did weep, all around him and at his feet lay the dead, the dying, the helpless and the beat. He looked upon me, smiled grimly and said
‘the day has come and the sea is dead’
I watched the soldier stand and quiver as he took four steps to the oceans shivers, He did not turn, nor flicker nor stop but only walked on as the ocean swelled and swallowed him up.

As I took a step I turned to see a man stood now grinning and staring at me; I laughed and pointed and chortled and grinned and whispered upon him only rotten, dead things.   

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