Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The one...for right now

Image by gubgib at freedigitalphotos.net
     I just read my horoscope and though I’m not one for the traditional when it comes to love or romance on occasion I like a little supernatural, starry constellation preview of what my week holds because even those of us who aren’t religiously searching for love needs a little romance. To get to the point of this tale my horoscope read something like what follows; an event you go to as an a favour for a friend a new love interest arrives in your life and it feels like it’s the one. 
     The one that’s all fine and well but do I need to meet the one at 24, some people do and they have, many people have met the one long before they turn 24 which I think is wonderful for them just not for me, i’m just not ready for the one yet and then I also wonder what happens when the one turns out not to be the one and ends up breaking your heart; you curse, you cry and you bawl and then along comes the one, again. So the one isn’t really the one and if there’s only one great love out there for us then what do we do when we find and loose our one great love.
     So there I sat after reading my horoscope thinking about love and the one and great love and how many great people have fallen in and out of love and written about it for all of us mere mortals to read and swoon over. The decision I have come to after only a few hours of contemplation and two 80s high school romance movies is that with love no matter how great or insignificant you might be to the world there are no rules, you make your own. Also maybe, just maybe in life we do find the one but before this, before we find the great and everlasting one we meet and have the chance to love many, many other smaller ones, many little great loves and eventually this yellow brick road of the ones lead us right up to our final and last one great love. We all get the chance to write our own significant and one of a kind love story, there’s not another out there like our own. So maybe there’s a chance my horoscope is right this week, for once, maybe I did go to an event as a favour and maybe I met one of my many ones in life, the next paragraph in my little love story; the one…for now.