Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The mist brings the quiet?

Do others automatically think that when autumn and winter hit the world grows more peaceful, calmer and quiet? I do or at least my mind does. I can't figure out why because at the moment this seems to be the loudest the world has been, screaming at each other with bombs and bullets of rage and anger, pointless bombs and bullets and even mother nature is getting a look in, tearing countries apart with hurricanes and why does it still feel like, at the end of all of that, when the day begins to drop into the arms of dusk that the earth and the people are silent? Its the way the air settles all around you and the purple hews run with the burn oranges as the sun sets, we, even now that we're all grown and have gone through our science classes, still in the smallest parts of our mind believe that she has drifted off into a peaceful slumber just as we will. Then there's that moment, that moment your eyes always miss when the dusk gives way to darkness, to night and you never realise because it slips right past you and no matter where you are, whether your walking your dogs or collecting your child from an after school club, or rushing to get dinner ready whilst turning on the lights to illuminate the house you will catch a glimpse or a view of the mist that settles low across the roads and the grass, the city and the fields and for a moment it takes your breath away, it makes you think that the world has fallen asleep, that you are the only one left awake and then the stars start to twinkle silently and the man in the moon smiles down as if to say ' not quite'.
Its not just the night that washes us with this illusion of calm, its the minute right before dawn, right before the sun stretches its rays across your world, you're cooking breakfast, walking or driving to work and the street lights begin to flicker off and mist begins to stir and lift. The birds are only just fluttering awake and the fox's have gone to bed and again you could be the only one on the face of the earth. Its like the eye of the storm, the deathly stillness that settles after a disaster its so peaceful but still you wonder why?
The snow brings the same feeling the way it silently fall, floating softly to the earth and covers it, blankets it in a pristine white sheet and the whole world is silent and calm beneath it, fresh and new and it doesn't matter how eerie it feels because its still almost comforting and this is what my mind craves when i think of autumn, of the leaves shedding their leaves, the animals settling in for winter, snuggled and warm and of the winter of wrapping up in tights and gloves and scarves and hats, of snuggling in with tea and warm milk to write and to watch TV. My mind always believes that this time of the year will be the calmest, the most soothing but when i think about it, really consider the nature of the season i love so much its so far from quiet and closer to tormenting.

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