Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The boy with the wooden heart pt.2

     There once was a boy who instead of the thump thud rhythm of a flesh and blood heart he had the groan and whisper of a wooden heart cut straight from the heart of the forest. Though this didn’t make him any different from any other boy or girl however his luck in loved suffered much worse than he. He had been in love exactly three times, or so he had thought, the first girl who had made his heart skip a beat or two had beautiful blond hair and bright blue eyes but her hands were as sharp as a chainsaw and all too quickly the boy found this out and once she had finished with him his heart was missing a chunk the size of a large acorn. Next there was the girl with a mouth that breathed words of fire, when he first met her she reserved her heated words for others but in the not too distant future they became directed toward him and she left his heart in a blackened state, singed and tarnished by her fire.
     Just when the boy with the wooden heart began to think that love was not for him, that he may never meet a girl who would not, could not harm him he heard a most wonderful noise drift past his ears. He searched for the source and when he found it he found that his heart beat with a quickened rhythm at the sigh of a beautiful girl with long chestnut curls and warm emerald eyes, she sang with the heart of a nightingale. Over time the boy with the wooden heart and the girl with the soul of a nightingale fell deeply in love and he found that the beautiful melodies she sang soon healed his broken and bruised wooden heart.     

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