Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Girl with the Gypsy soul

       I once met this girl whose soul was different for this girls soul was wild and free, though this was not how she wanted it to be. Since she was born she had felt the pull, when the rain drops fell fat and full, She wanted to run to a new far away land without a care or a though for those she abandoned. Her father had done it to her and she had hated him so but as she grew she felt for him for when the pull wrapped its hands around you all you could do was go.  To run and fly and float away until she felt free for another day.

How did this happen  I had asked her as her blue eyes dance and twinkled with child like glee,

A gypsy curse was laid upon me she had replied,
Her father had broken the heart of a raven haired young woman not knowing where her heritage ran, she had taken her life and he had been cursed, a curse to never again settle, perpetually in limbo and this curse would pass down to his heirs. For her it started when she was young the rain began to pelt her window and she wanted to run she fought the urge for as long as she could but when she came of age she could no longer stay stood.  

Run, run as fast as you can her mother screamed after her as she ran,

And so she did, she ran and she hasn’t stopped yet, she pauses for a while in a place, with a person, doing a job, to tell her story but still she fells the pull again and when the first rain drop hits the dry ground before the second makes contact she has packed her bags and left for a new adventure.   

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