Thursday, 6 December 2012

Like fine wine and good cheese...

I love the feeling I get when I figure something out about myself, something new like I hate onions unless there the small pickled kind, I don't like the taste of parsley or cumin or cinnamon and too strong ginger, I love chillies and the colour blue but not the generic kind of blue. I love to dance and I love the Autumn and the winter, in fact I love different parts of each season but I know that the autumn is my favourite. I love the rain and the night. I also know that I am eclectic in every way from food to music and fashion and the people I choose to spend my time with.

That feeling I love is the feeling of maturity and I'm not talking maturity in the sense that you grow older, get a full time job, settle down, get a house and a mortgage and have a few kids; in fact I couldn't think of anything worse. the maturity I am referring to is like a fine wine or a good cheese, you grow deeper, richer (not in a material kind of way) you absorb more and you just feel fuller.

I see it most in my sense of fashion, the clothes I wear, before it used to be about what this person was wearing or that person, or, on a night out, as much leg or boob as possible with out looking like I was on the job. Now I can quite happily wear dark tights and a high neck shirt or my most recent favourite the midi dress, its about being sexy in a different way. I love my curves, that's another thing I have found as I've matured, I love my curves and I am very happy to wear a midi, bodycon dress to show them off. Of course I am a very creative person and the midi dress will soon be of the backless variety but not in a 'trampy' way but in more of a vintage, screen siren way. I'm very excited about this dress and a few other things I am getting around to and I will post a picture of it finished.

For the moment I am a fine wine maturing, not a poncey one, just a wine and I am happy for the next new thing about myself to be made known.

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