Monday, 25 March 2013

Something I found but I couldn't place so I thought I'd share it

     Every once in a while the world needs saving and I don’t mean the world needs saving from any form of natural disaster or nuclear attack, it does not need rescuing from the perils of global warming or other man made atrocities; it needs rescuing from the age old threat posed by the unknown, unseen supernatural that lies just low enough beneath the surface of sanity not to be noticed by those who have a firm grip on their mental stability. For the most nobody notices, nobody sees what is happening around them, the destruction caused by the ashes or the light cast by the burning embers that are usually tasked with rectifying what has been done, cleaning up after the ashes but there are a few with the sight, those who are suffering from a break in their mental clarity, those who look at the world in a different way; children, the deaf, the blind and often some who have come face to face with death himself and returned to the living world and then there are those with-in the bloodlines.
     Since man walked upon the earth with freewill, free though and free movement evil has also walked and so had good. In the beginning it was nothing, people were oblivious but they were neutral until evil began to breathe the darkness into their souls, turning them black and rotten and since this had been then there had always been a need for the bloodlines. As per usual the bloodlines are passed down to each generation however the children who carry the abilities and knowledge passed down through the centuries may never need make use of it; they are for lack of a better word sleeper cells. They only come-in ‘use’ if they are needed and very often this does not occur, as an example I might use a better known bloodline, Pandora. Most people will know the Greek myth of Pandora’s box and as per usual this had been cast as a myth, a story offering a moral and just like all the others that lurk just out of sight, it had become a simple story that to you has no truth but Pandora was a real person. She was given a box to guard, a box filled with all the sorrow in the world, all the hate and plagues, the anger and dread all of those things that make you feel blue or cause you to feel hate or cast judgement upon others they lived in the box. Imprisoned there for the sake of human beings however as you know Pandora’s curiosity got the better of her and she opened the box unleashing all of the pain and darkness it held inside. Even though she was never able to trap the evil back in the box Pandora did the job that had been passed down in her bloodline, she helped spread the only thing left in the bottom of the dark box, hope and with hope people were able to rise above the bad, they fought through the depression that had wrapped its fingers around them because the belief that things can get better, the hope for a brighter day is always stronger.
     It neither started nor does it end with Pandora, this began at the beginning of time, it began with the first human beings; Adam and Lilith. The is an age old misconception that Eve was Adams first wife, that he who created all is infallible, Lilith was born as Adams first wife and like many women of the world she was strong, she was independent and she was far from happy being told how to do things. She left him. This led Lilith into evil, though ultimately this began one of the most important bloodlines for though the evil over came her she was able to fight her way back to the light unfortunately, as with any ‘rags to riches’ story there was a down side for the light that broke into the darkness that had swallowed Lilith up touched the withered, venomous soul of another and it showed him the way, a way to rule to break the human world down and to take over and so the bloodline was created.
     It is now that he will strike and so it is now that she will awaken, she will begin to see the things that hide with-in the time between one second and another, the things that conceal them in the space between one breath and another. They will try to stop her and for centuries there have been no embers in the waking world to help guide those of bloodlines only ashes remain and they will do whatever they can to turn her.   

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