Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A 200 word story: Julias place

     This place had once been filled with happiness; it had been a place of joy and youth and of innocence. At Julia’s place the air had characteristically smelt of cooking chocolate cake and strawberries. The sun always shone on Julia’s place, impossibly illuminating every room and every inch of the house, the birds in the grand oak trees that always cast a happy shadow, had always sung sweet melodies to dance to during the day and soft lullaby’s when the twilight fell. In the Garden summer sky blue bluebells grew among the fresh snow white snow drops and daisies mingled with sun kissed daffodils. It had been a magical, unbelievable place however one day great galloping hulking storm clouds rolled in over the sky of Julia’s place, drowning the sunlight, choking it with a thick, rolling smoke stained, purple smog; Dirty droplets of fetid rain began to fall acidic to the touch like the tears of a heartbroken child, it scorched the emerald green grass and withered the bright and hopeful flowers.
Julia’s place had once been a place of great promise and adventure now it is a ruin, a broken, splintered wreck holding only despair and anguish.  

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