Friday, 11 May 2012


I'm a writer, mostly fictional, and often I find it useful to have an image of the thing I'm writing about in my mind for example the bedroom or the way someone dresses and I've found one particular website helpful; Polyvore. This website allows people to create inspiration boards for pretty much everything and I used it mainly for inspiration but I was not a member nor did I create. Then one day I decided why not, I'm naturally creative and so I joined up, for free, and began creating. What dawned on me the other day while I was creating a 'winter wedding' inspiration board, is that this website is pure genius...for those men who do not have a clue. One simple look on you're girlfriend/wife's polvore and you'll be able to find that dress that she wants, that perfect engagement ring, set of earrings and most importantly that pair of shoes she's been craving. A woman need never make discreet hints or leave magazines lying around conveniently open at the page, we need not be disappointed with the gift we gets; not that we don't appreciate them but we'd rather the pair of shoes we just saw in the shop window.

So head over to create an account and get creating.
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