Wednesday, 18 January 2017

A little idea

    Chapter one

    The night it had happened had gone so perfectly that for once, for maybe the first time in her life, Ivy believed that nothing at all could go wrong however she couldn’t have been farther from the truth; she actually believed that she had, in being so naive to think this, jinxed herself and the man she loved. The whole day had been just right, they had woken late and after having raided the small country kitchen of the cottage that they had rented for the summer, they returned to bed to eat bacon and scrambled eggs with toast lavished in butter. They kissed lazily laid amongst the sunbeams with no rush about them to move and begin their day and as the sun reached its height in the sky, Ivy sang at the top of her ever so slightly off tone voice while her husband, Nick, made haphazard sandwiches for the impromptu picnic they had decided to take,
“P.” he called from the Kitchen, P had become her nickname after realising that every nickname he developed for her seemed to begin with the sixteenth letter,
“Yeah” she called back blowing bubbles into the air and batting them as they floated back to the water,
“We’ve only got ham and cheese sandwiches, not much of a picnic i’m afraid” he returned, now poing his head round the open bathroom door, a smile broke out across his face at the sight of his wife with her hair piled atop her head and smothered in bubbles, she grinned back,
“We’ll stop at that little shop on our way, now gimme a kiss” she winked blowing bubbles his way. He moved closer and leaned over the bath, kissing her with slightly parted lips, the way she knew she liked it. He knew exactly what his wife's game was as she pulled him in closer and it wasn’t to gain more intimacy, instead the child in her took over and she pulled him from his unsteady stance and into the bath tub with her.   
    She loved to watch him, watch him sleep, dress, play; he played guitar and she could watch him all day and all night long. This was no different; Ivy grinned as she watched her husband mop the escapee bubbles and water from the black and white tiled bathroom floor. She smiled at the way he he had to tidy right away, had to keep things in their places, her heart warmed at how careful he was as he did it, being sure to get into every nook, to mop up every stray bubble and droplet of water.
“Okay, ready” she asked her stomach growling in unison with his own, she knew him better than she knew herself and vice versa, and she knew that by that point in the day, after the morning's activities; that he would be twice as hungry as she was.
“I think clothes are a must before we go outside, don’t you” he teased as he brushed past her and pulled clothes from the still unpacked bag.
“Hmm I dont think so” Ivy teased back, watching him dress in a plaid shirt and grey t-shirt. She kissed his neck as he swept her up and carried her from the room,
“Okay, ready?” he mimicked letting her down
“Hmm” she answered simply as they left the cottage hand in hand.

    Ivy had no idea what was in store that day but what she knew right then and there was that her day, her life could not have been more perfect; what she should have realised was that there was only one way for it to go now.

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