Monday, 6 August 2012

Ride the fear

     Sometimes I find myself terrified, terrified that I will be here in the town I was born in forever, working behind the reception forever and it is not because I don’t love my life at the moment it is because when I think of note fulfilling my dream it scares me. This will happen to everyone because dreams are hard to come by, they are an endangered species and they are extremely hard to cage; whether you’re a writer, artist or singer it’s not easy and I am not afraid to say that I sometimes wonder f it will ever happen but I never give up because I have found that the fear only makes your work harder, imagine all of the publishers and agents who are kicking themselves for not taking on J.K.Rowling and Harry potter. Not giving up is key just because one, two or even ten people don’t like what you’re doing it does not mean that it is not good, I’m sat here now, I haven’t written in days because of work and I keep catching the CAPS Lock key but I don’t care because I love it, I love to write and one day I will be getting paid to do what I love. Don’t let the fear disable you and don’t just ‘follow’ your dream chase them and grab a hold and don’t let go. Be confident in what you are doing, in yourself people may look at me and think ‘wow someone really thinks she great’ but if I’m not confident then how can I expect anyone else to be, being positive is what it’s about.
     I have my first rejection letter framed on the wall, why? Because it makes me work harder, I look at it and I think ‘one day they will regret rejecting me’ you don’t let anyone who doesn’t have the same dream as you tell you that you cannot do it. I sit and I watch people on their way to work, to sit in an office all day and I wonder what happened to their dreams, did they die or maybe they just ran away, ran too fast for them, maybe they just gave up. It makes me sad, in think people forget that they had dreams and so it does not bother them, their dreams might change into something more reachable. I won’t do that, the fear of a mundane life won’t let me, I will be who I want to be, who I see myself being. I guess what I am saying is you can never be too confident in yourself, ride the fear and get your work out there for everyone to look upon, don’t let your dreams waste away, they are the most important things in the world, make sure they thrive.

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