Saturday, 14 July 2012

Back in black...

      Now that we are all caught, I know I may have missed a few years out there but all you need to know is that I went away, that physically I vanished for a short while. I say only physically because in spirit I went absolutely no where, in spirit I lived on in the minds and dreams of those children still getting mummy or daddy to check under the bed, those sleeping with the light on and even in some of the minds of those parents who reluctantly checked under the bed and kept their own light shinning while they slept, no I never truly went away. Now that I am back, I must catch you up on my recent activities, you see I have once again been up to no good. It began when I returned to England, London specifically, I had hardened, my soul become even blacker since my loss of love and happiness and I had fallen into the abyss a few years before now, I have become what I once was again, worse. I must admit to you all right now that I love it, the feeling, the freedom, the purest of evil flows through my blood and entwines with my soul. My first since arriving back was a man, he wore a smart black suit and crisp white shirt beneath, diamond cuff links and red tie; everything about him was perfect and neat, not a hair out of place nor a wrinkle in the fabric covering his body. I’m not sure why I chose him, he had this air of superiority about him, acted as though he were a king amongst men and I simply took a disliking to him. I followed him late one night, from his office full of lavish items of no use and back to his apartment. I waited then until the next day, watched him leave and then I snuck into his home. The rooms were just a lavishly filled with useless objects, his bed linen silk and slippery, it looked un-lived in though the fridge was stocked with thick cuts of steak and wedges of stinking French cheeses, on the rack sat bottles of deep burgundy wine, next to it stood whiskeys and gins, their crystal cut glassed waiting to be filled beside them. I remember laughing a hearty laugh, which I’m sure could be heard by the downstairs neighbour, thinking of the frivolity that this one place was filled with and how times had changed…for some.
       I waited for him all day, helped myself to a meal of raw steak and a bottle of the finest red, though nothing tasted as good as he did. When he finally arrived home at around 9:30, tossed his jaguar keys onto the counter and laid eyes upon my dirty dished his mouth dropped open, he picked up a large, previously unused carving knife and held it to his front,
“Whoever is there!” he yelled!” I am calling the police right now!” he added, I heard the first dial of a 9, he got no further than dialling the second when I pounced upon him like the animal that I am. I had the knife from his grip a second later, his eyes still wide with shock and fear as I slid the sharp blade across his throat. The phone fell from his hand, he tried to speak, to maybe ask why but only gurgles escaped his paling lips. I allowed him to die fully before I began to carver slivers of flesh from his body, some I ate as a meal with yet another bottle of his burgundy and the rest I packed and took home, though to be honest it didn’t take me long to get through. I read all about my ‘crimes’ in the news paper two days later, I walked past the apartment; police tape, people in white, uniforms and the female detective working the case, my case. I watched her, never before had I had a woman chasing me and she was beautiful. I had never seen a woman more beautiful, well I had but only once before, now I had to kill and I wanted to kill, my only reason being that I now had a need to see her again.    

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