Friday, 17 February 2012

Like pulling nails

You can look in any newspaper or turn on any channel and you'll see how bad the unemployment situation is and a lot of us know first hand. I'm not as bad off as some people and I won't pretend to be; I have a job, a part-time job but at least I have one, I'm lucky but I'm unlucky.
Why? Because I spent my three years studying and gaining mountains of debt and I work as a cleaner. Now there's nothing wrong with cleaning but like I said three years and mountains of debt.
I left uni 2 years ago and still no sign of a job even close to what I studied, not even one that requires me to use my a-levels never mind my degree. Now I've heard rumours that some employers will not employ university grads because they have not used their numeracy and literacy skills for a while, true or not? And then you have you, 2:1 only employers that's all well and good but we must remember that students are only human; they have bad days and sometimes we're only 1 mark off of a 2:1 is this fare? Lastly you have the ones who state 'must have experience' though you can't gain experience with out getting a job but no job with out experience of course there's volunteer work but we have student debts to pay and we've just spent 3 years studying to gain experience. What are we to do?
People are desperate for jobs, all kinds of people, all ages and it seems that we now live in a country where it is easier to win the lottery than to get a job.
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